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We are story tellers

Every company, product, event, and idea has a story. We focus on communicating that story trough video. Show, don't tell, your unique brand story.

We love video

There’s no denying that today’s consumers are visual people. Video is the most power medium for engaging and communicating with people.

We are experts

We make video production easy. Our passion for video production fuels our focus, and our extensive experience ensures the quality of every single video we create.

In a few words

We are a dynamic and inventive film, animation, live events and digital production company.

Animal Tracks Productions was established in 1985. Our video production company delivers high quality films and produced engaging live events for customers from all over the world from major corporation to public sector and government institutions.

Video Production

Creative development and production

Animal Tracks Video Production works with businesses, government institutions or charities of all shapes and sizes to produce engaging video for a range of purposes.Your business may need an eye catching video to launch a new service or product at a trade show, exhibition or website. You may want to develop a training film for new recruits to induct them into your company. Or, you may want a quick interview with your chief executive to show to shareholders or staff. We have extensive experience in all of this and can advise you about the best solution to meet your brief and budget.

Work Examples
Motion Graphic and Explainer films

Stories brought to life trough brilliant animation

Motion graphic films are an excellent way to tell a story, especially if the subject matter is dry or complex.
For example, if you are looking to engage your audience around a difficult topic, like the presentation of data, then a motion graphic film is ideal because it combines illustrations, iconography, text and music to present content in an absorbing and interesting way.
We have successfully delivered this style of animated film with private and public sector clients.
If you don’t know where to start, we can develop your story, write a script and storyboard, get you a narrator, source the right music and package it together for any platform.

Work Portfolio
Live events and Live Webcast Services

Multi Camera Live Vision Mixing and Low Latency Video Streaming

Filming your live events, like conferences, annual meetings and award ceremonies, is a great way for the audience to see everything that’s happening on big screens, and provide you with great material for media and marketing. In addition to live filming, we can stream your event online so people can see it wherever they are in the world on your website or social media channel.

Work Portfolio

Animal Tracks Production is a full service video production company that focuses on Video Marketing. Let us show your story!

What We Do
Full Service Video Production

We utilise the newest tools and trends in the industry in video production.
At Animal Tracks we know that the finished video needs to be engaging, thought provoking, creative and visually inspiring.

Explainers & Digital Motion Graphics

Animation is the art of conveying concept through a rich visual experience. Our designers can turn any story to life trough the use of character animation, visual infographics and digitally generated models and art that explain the intangible.

Event Coverage

Event Coverage is much more than just capturing an event. Our editors focus on telling a story that makes viewers wish that they attended the event, and takes those who were back to that moment in time. We also provide on site editing and play-out of a highlights video at the end of the conference.

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