About AT Video Production

AT Productions is a film production company specialising in video, live events and animation production. We have a strong track record of delivering services to both the private and public sectors. Based in Surrey, the company has a reputation for producing high-quality work that has impact and gets results. Its client list includes multi-national companies like HP, Symantec, Veritas and Dell; television giants like Sky, and ITV; and several local authorities and public sector bodies, like Thames Water, Lambeth Council and Hackney Learning Trust.

Why AT Productions

Our client list is long and varied and includes multinationals, FTSE100 companies, various public sector bodies, broadcasters, theatres, celebrities and racecourses.

We are commissioned for a number of reasons.

  • Usually, our clients want us to create a film to sell a product, launch a campaign, or capture coverage of an event.

  • Sometimes, the subject matter is sensitive, like the need to talk about a social issue to a diverse community; or develop a charity’s training film to help new employees get up to speed.

  • Sometimes, the subject matter is complex, difficult, or simply bad news, like poor trading results.

We have built up a reputation for handling all of this and coming up with the right solution, because we care about our clients, earn their trust, and are good at what we do.

We’ve worked with everyone from music stars, CEOs, and mayors to victims of crime, people with disabilities and young children. We’ve even worked with famous chefs.

We’ve kept going as long as we have because our clients like our work and they recommend us to others. Word of mouth is our best marketing tool. Our clients are loyal because we do the best job possible – that’s our priority.

As technology moves on and consumer habits change, so has our service. Video production no longer simply means camera crews and film. The emergence of animation, infographic and motion techniques has revolutionised our ability to deliver great work. We use and have access to the best technology available in the industry. It means you get an honest, professional and reliable service using the best kit available resulting in a great product that has impact and gets results.

Our Services

Creative Treatment

Script Writing


Video Editing


Live Events

Webcast Production

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